Welcome to the First Edition of the Harmony Insight Blog

Harmony Insight extends Harmony Healthcare’s commitment to providing information on career management, industry insights and best practices designed to help you thrive in a rapidly changing healthcare environment. Created as an educational resource we hope you will find Harmony Insight to be a career changing read of empowerment.

What is empowerment? Empowerment is defined as the giving to others one’s knowledge and wisdom necessary to do something – sharing not for the sake of self-enrichment but for the enrichment of others.

An educational resource to help you thrive

The articles featured in our blog will cover a great deal of dynamic territory such as interview preparation, resume tips and the latest updates in healthcare from Population Health with its exciting potential and beyond. Harmony Insight offers you, the reader, a “Return on Investment” by allowing you to champion new and creative ways to increase your knowledge effectiveness and efficiency. The goal is to empower you to reach your career goals whether they be one, three, five-year or lifetime aspirations. That is what I have practiced in my career for over 29 years and counting.

As CEO and founder of Harmony Healthcare, I have the greatest job in the world. I have the opportunity every day to be paid for what I love, seeing people’s lives changed and to become part of your story. I have so often stood with respect and pride that so many I work with give so much to so many others – many in their time of greatest need.

This blog is dedicated to those that have given Harmony Healthcare its voice, this blog is dedicated to you. We hope you find value in what you read and are empowered to achieve greatness!

– Christian HG Brown, CEO, Harmony Healthcare

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