What Does True Customer Service Mean?

What Does True Customer Service Mean? I needed to call a repair company the other day because my clothes dryer was not drying our clothes. Our dryer was purchased from a popular big box store and we had bought the extended warranty plan which would now come in handy as I dial the toll-free number listed for customer service. Forty-five minutes later, I am still on hold listening to an outdated medley of show tunes interrupted by promises that I…

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3 Steps to Successful Career Planning

3 Steps to Successful Career Planning As I sat down to consider my advice for planning your career in the best way, the words of Dr. Stephen Covey resonated with me. In his book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Dr Covey advised to “begin with the end in mind.” What does this mean and how do you begin with the end in mind? Step 1: Understand yourself The first and most important step in preparing your career plan…

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Can Remote CDI Really Work for You?

Can Remote CDI Really Work for You? Karin Killenberger, Harmony Healthcare Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) consultant, shares expert advice on working as a remote CDI specialist in a recent article featured in the CDI Journal. The Association of Clinical Documentation Improvement Specialists (ACDIS) publication, features Killenberger in its May/June 2018 edition, on Can remote CDI really work for you? Really? Really! Working as a remote CDI specialist can be either totally fulfilling or a bit difficult. This article discusses the…

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