Cyndi Thomas


Cyndi Thomas

Cyndi Thomas is an accomplished revenue cycle staffing and solutions professional with over 20 years of experience implementing, managing, and developing client relationships. Thomas brings a unique perspective to the challenges that organizations face with human capital management. In preparation for the conversion to ICD-10, she was recruited by a large health system to develop a coding education and work transition program. This internal coder development program became one of the most successful in the nation, and has become a model for personnel development and human capital management. As one of the pioneers of the contract coding and revenue cycle staffing industry, Thomas takes pride in the numerous careers she has helped to launch. Her passion for people, combined with her ability to understand client needs, makes her the perfect choice to lead the Harmony Healthcare Client Development team. Learn more about Cyndi Thomas and follow her on LinkedIn.

The Power of No – Learning to Bloom

The Power of No—Learning to Bloom Last spring, I started my garden. I was working long hours, traveling some, taking golf lessons, redecorating our home, caring for my aging mother, and tending to a new puppy. So, I decided to throw in gardening in my spare time. I was doing good things, but too much of a good thing can be just that—too much. I realized I was addicted to “yes”. “Yes, I will help organize the project.” “Yes, I…

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An Attitude of Gratitude

An Attitude of Gratitude I’m sitting on my patio with my two dogs by my feet preparing to write about gratitude and I realize that is exactly what I am feeling today. My blessings are numerous. I have a career I am passionate about, good friends, and extended family. I live in an area that I love and have picked up a new hobby — golf. In fact, my patio looks onto a golf course so I still marvel at…

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