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Brandon Martin

Brandon Martin brings over 10 years of human capital management experience to Harmony Healthcare. Martin graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Finance from Butler University in Indianapolis, Indiana, while achieving numerous athletic accolades, including being named a first team All American & Conference Defensive Player of the Year. Armed with his proven competitive drive, Martin began his career in healthcare staffing in 2005. Staffing quickly provided Martin with a platform we refer to as “mental athletics” — or new challenges each day that need to be resolved quickly without taking shortcuts. Combined with strong leadership and capable teams, his talents helped catapult two separate publicly traded organizations to new revenue heights. In June of 2011, Martin was personally recruited by CEO Christian HG Brown to help build the foundation for an organic startup company, Harmony Healthcare. Martin now serves as the Vice President of Client Solutions for Harmony Healthcare. He’s directly responsible for leading the company’s business development and client relationship management strategies. In October of 2015, Martin was honored by the Tampa Bay Business Journal as an “Up and Comer,” an elite honor representing Tampa Bay’s business leaders of tomorrow. Learn more about Brandon Martin and follow him on LinkedIn.

4 Key Takeaways from A New Reality—The Flat Talent Market

4 Key Takeaways from A New Reality—The Flat Talent Market Meaningful Use was introduced to providers in 2009 with the goal of providing transparency of information for both patient care and the reporting of quality measures to improve overall quality of care. Final rules were published in the Federal Register on July 28, 2010 and became effective on September 26 that same year. This effort led providers on a journey of ensuring their electronic health records (EHRs) met criteria. Eight…

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The Butler Way—Key to Organizational Success

The Butler Way—Key to Organizational Success With March Madness soon upon us, the Butler Bulldogs will once again have the opportunity to captivate the attention of college basketball sports fans across the country. While the true answer to Butler’s success remains a mystery, the impact legendary Paul “Tony” Hinkle had on the Butler program goes beyond just wins and losses. Under his leadership, Butler developed not only a true culture of success in sports, but among modern day organizations as…

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The True Cost of Talent

The True Cost of Talent The revenue cycle in healthcare is an incredibly complex organism. Operational challenges around high volume, siloed departments, and an industry shift to value-based care, further complicate nearly every task performed throughout each phase of the revenue cycle. The result – dynamic change to strategic plans of hospital leaders. The solution to successfully managing this industry shift is population health management; the answer to managing change within one’s environment is talent management. Key principles of both…

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