2017: Year in Review and Look Ahead

As 2017 comes to a close, our thoughts turn to not only a reflection of a year gone by but to what the upcoming year has in store for us. The year that was and the year that will be, has been and will be extraordinary. Medical needs and support will increase, due in large part to the aging of the baby boomer generation and the related “silver tsunami” facing the U.S. healthcare system. In the immortal words of Bob Dylan, “These times they are changing,” difficult decisions and opportunities lie ahead to get better at delivering a strong and inclusive healthcare system to every American.

As we see the need for medical support growing, we are challenged with a tumultuous political, technological, and human capital environment. These changes are inevitable. And as change is constant, not adapting to change can be terminal. We must be aware of and accept the constancy of change, integrate it into our culture and empower ourselves to adapt as a conscious decision.

As we look back at the changes that have taken place over the past year in the healthcare market, it’s incredible to see the speed at which the industry continues to evolve. Three trends stood out:

  1. The continued consolidation of the revenue cycle as a value-focused potential and the emergence of quality programs driven by new and far more accurate understandings of how to maximize reimbursement. It’s challenging to predict the future with any certainty, but I’m confident that this will become a stronger motivation over the next several years.
  2. The change in how care is delivered, forcing a greater focus on population health management. Population health will serve to inspire providers to give better care for their patients while being financially motivated to make it happen.
  3. Throughout the course of the year we witnessed dynamic change in the labor market, with demand shifting at breathtaking speed from being coder-driven and ICD-10 based data input process focused, to a need for talent in validation, extraction, and interpretation.

A look ahead to the upcoming year, see’s 2018 serving as a year of stabilization, where the changeover and value of ICD-10, EHR, and other initiatives will be realized. The ability to take those new data points and create a better provider system will gain traction.

Despite 2017 and possibly 2018 being characterized by change and uncertainty, our commitment remains steadfast to delivering industry-leading revenue cycle management solutions backed by exceptional client service and support. This will enable new opportunities for our clients’ and consultants’ success with a return on their investment.

Thank you for continuing to be a part of our journey. From our Harmony family to yours, we wish you health and happiness during the holiday season and all throughout the new year.

– Christian HG Brown, CEO, Harmony Healthcare

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