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Unlocking the Benefits of Physician-led Documentation Integrity Solutions: An Expert Q&A

Unlocking the Benefits of Physician-led Documentation Integrity Solutions: An Expert Q&A Harmony Consulting Solutions (HCS) provides end-to-end project management, and highly specialized population health and revenue cycle management consulting solutions for a diverse range of healthcare organizations, from small physician groups to multifacility health systems. To meet client’s changing needs HCS expanded its portfolio. Clients can now leverage physician-led documentation integrity solutions to minimize risk and drive revenue recovery—with proven return on investment. Get actionable insights from experts at HCS…

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The Butler Way—Key to Organizational Success

The Butler Way—Key to Organizational Success With March Madness soon upon us, the Butler Bulldogs will once again have the opportunity to captivate the attention of college basketball sports fans across the country. While the true answer to Butler’s success remains a mystery, the impact legendary Paul “Tony” Hinkle had on the Butler program goes beyond just wins and losses. Under his leadership, Butler developed not only a true culture of success in sports, but among modern day organizations as…

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The Power of No – Learning to Bloom

The Power of No—Learning to Bloom Last spring, I started my garden. I was working long hours, traveling some, taking golf lessons, redecorating our home, caring for my aging mother, and tending to a new puppy. So, I decided to throw in gardening in my spare time. I was doing good things, but too much of a good thing can be just that—too much. I realized I was addicted to “yes”. “Yes, I will help organize the project.” “Yes, I…

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